What to Look out For When Buying Gold Bars in Canada


Finding a Reputable Dealer

Before buying gold bullion products, one should always conduct research beforehand to find a reputable and trustworthy dealer. Google dealers in your area and verify ratings, as poorly rated companies will deliver poor customer service or products. Dealers who operate out of a storefront usually incur more costs than dealers operating online, therefore premiums tend to be higher. Premiums are added on top of the spot price of Gold to offset any costs incurred by producing and selling the bar. One should always shop around for a reputable dealer that can offer competitive rates. Online companies such as AU Bullion guarantee some of the best and most competitive rates on Gold bars in Canada. 


Once you have found a reputable dealer, consider their selection and finalise a bar that fits your needs. A number of characteristics should be observed in considering the gold bars. 

State of the Gold Bar

Investors should closely examine the state of the bar and whether it is packaged. A general notion to follow is that bars in better conditions and packaged will hold more value to investors. Nonetheless, bars which are scratched or have any other physical defects will continue to hold their value in Gold. However, the premiums associated will be slightly lower than those associated with bars which have been maintained in pristine condition. Some bars hold collectors’ value for their rough quality, such as hand-poured bars which hold higher premiums than those poured by machine. A trustworthy dealer should disclose any relevant information regarding the state of their products. 

Gold Bar Purity

Be sure to verify that the bar which you are purchasing is pure gold. Investment quality gold bars are a minimum of 99.5% pure gold but one should aim to get the highest purity. Brands such as Valcambi, PAMP, and RCM all stamp their bars with the purity and weight. This stamp is what investors look at to determine the brand, weight, and purity of the bar therefore it is crucial to see the stamp. Moreover, since you are buying from a reputable and trustworthy bullion dealer, you need not worry about counterfeit products. 


One should consider their needs when deciding on the weight of the gold bar they’d like to purchase. Naturally, the heavier the weight in gold, the more the gold bar will cost. If one needs to liquidate their gold, they’d have to sell the bar in its entirety. Therefore some investors choose to buy large amounts in small increments, making it easier to liquidate their assets in increments rather than all at once. Au Bullion offers a number of fractional gold bars, allowing individuals to invest with less money. Check out our gold products here!


A key characteristic to look out for while buying gold bars is the brand from which it was minted. A few of the brands that we offer are PAMP Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, Asahi, Valcambi and the Perth Mint. Investors need to differentiate whether they are looking to invest or collect, as from there they can choose between brands. Plain and simple gold bars hold less collectable value than bars which have intricate designs that are extremely limited. Generic gold bullion products include Valcambi 1 Oz gold bars while non generic brands RCM and PAMP bars cost more. 

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