Why Royal Canadian Mint Bullion is a Smart Choice

Investing in precious metals has been a tried and test way of growing ones wealth. Gold and Silver have been used a forms of exchange and investment for centuries now. Now in the modern era of investing, Gold and Silver are typically purchased in the form of bullion. Bullion is produced by Mints and Refineries around the world. One of the more notable ones is the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM). RCM produces Gold and Silver with the highest standard, in this blog we’ll uncover why RCM is one of the most trusted and sought after names in the precious metals world. 

Purity and Quality 

The Royal Canadian Mint is renowned for their high-quality and high purity Gold and Silver bullion. Majority of their bullion in circulation has a 99.99% purity. Some of their most notable products are their Gold and Silver Maple Leaf Coins. The high level of purity is what sets them apart and also gives more appeal to their products for investors and collectors. 

Security Features 

The Royal Canadian Mint is also one of the first mints to introduce security measures to their bullion to fight against counterfeit products. These features include; radial lines, micro-engraved laser marks, and unique bullion DNA. These make their coins and bars incredibly secure and easy to authenticate, making it easier to protect your investment. 

Worldwide Recognition

The Royal Canadian Mint has grown to have a global reputation of high quality. Any RCM bullion product that you purchase will be recognized worldwide and will be valued. This allows investors to have the piece of mind know that their bullion will be easy to liquidate anywhere they go.

AU Bullion is proud to be an authorized Royal Canadian Mint Bullion DNA Dealer. This esteemed title gives us the ability to honour the Mint and shows our dedication to providing investors in the highest level of quality. Whether you are new to investing or a veteran, the Royal Canadian Mint will have the products that are right for you!

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