Why to buy a silver bullion?


In the market to buy precious metals? Chances are you saw the prices of Gold and then started doing more research on Silver bullion. Gold prices can get expensive, especially if you don’t have that big of a budget to invest in. So to answer your question about whether Silver is a good investment or why you should buy silver, check out the following 4 points before making your next precious metals purchase. 

First things first, Silver is significantly cheaper than Gold. This makes Silver more accessible than Gold but also making it more versatile when it comes to spending. What this means is essentially that Silver has more use as currency, due to its lower value, it is easier to break. Comparing it to Gold; an ounce of Gold right now is about $2350 CAD, and an ounce of Silver right now is about $32 CAD (Both Spot Price). If you were to purchase something it would be significantly easier to purchase using Silver than Gold as breaking down $2350 would be much harder. Thus giving Silver more practical use, and a solid option when it comes to investing.

Secondly, like all other precious metals, Silver is also tangible. Meaning it is not vulnerable to depreciation due to its limited supply. Unlike cash which is a widely accepted form of currency, Silver cannot be printed from thin air the way cash can. We have seen in recent times what has happened when the Federal Reserve inflated the economy by printing trillions of dollars from thin air. All it did was drive up the prices of all precious metals. 

Third, Silver is a hedge against inflation. As mentioned above, during times of economic crisis Silver can offer protection. Investors tend to always put their wealth into precious metals as a means of avoiding losing value on their cash or other investments. Even when there are major political and economic uncertainties, safe-haven currencies such as Gold and Silver tend to outperform all other assets. Silver tends to get overlooked due to Gold’s significantly higher popularity and rarity, however it still plays the same role as Gold and tends to perform even better. 

Finally, the fourth point adds onto Silver outperforming Gold. From historic data, we have seen that Silver tends to have higher returns than Gold. As Silver is significantly more affordable than Gold, it is much easier to purchase so it tends to get a higher buying volume during bull markets. An example of this was during the recession 2008. Between the years 2008 – 2011, Gold gained around 165% whereas Silver gained near a whopping 450%. Thus proving how powerful and underrated of an asset Silver is.

We hope after reading these points your decision is clear about whether or not to purchase Silver. It is a tremendous asset that is not only affordable but also offers a high rate of return overtime. If you are looking to purchase Silver Coins or Silver Bars, check out AuBullion’s selection of Silver bullion products. AuBullion offers some of the lowest premiums on Silver products in the market and will price match to guarantee you the best rate on your silver bullion!