Why you should buy gold on Lunar New Year 2023?


Lunar New Year has some of the largest festivities in China. It honours and celebrates the beginning of the New Year of the Lunar calendar. This includes celebrating the arrival of spring with hope for the new year. Many consider this holiday to be the most important one of the year. With all of this hope, luck, and prosperity revolving around the Lunar New Year, there’s no doubt gold is extremely popular during these times. The colour is very common in decorations and traditional clothing. Additionally, gold is a very common gift among families and friends. 

Gold is globally recognised as one of the most valuable and highly-sought after physical assets. Throughout history, this precious metal has been seen as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, good fortune, and high status. Today, gold is continued to be incredibly symbolic in many cultures worldwide, especially in China. Statistically, China has the largest population of any country in the world. China and India compete head to head for the world’s top consumer of gold. Gold plays a very large role in Chinese history, traditions, and culture. Purchasing gold is  very large part of Chinese traditions during important festivals and holidays, especially during Lunar New Year.  

The typical symbolism of wealth, prosperity, and fortune is expressed in Chinese culture as well. Gold and red are the most prevalent colours in Chinese cultures. Most traditional decorations and dresses are red and gold. These colours have very significant importance in Chinese culture. Originating from Chinese history, gold represented supremacy of the emperors ontop of its standard symbolism. The precious metal is most commonly used in jewellery, gifts clothing, decorations and more. Aside from the typical stereotypes and symbolism of gold, the precious metal itself is a very valuable and profitable asset to have. 

Gifts to Give For Lunar New Year 

The Lunar New Year is one of the best times to invest in gold. Whether its for yourself or for a loved one, purchasing physical gold jewellery or bullion is remarkably beneficial. During the Lunar New Year season, several mints produce limited edition Lunar New Year bullion pieces in celebration. Aside from its standard physical value, the rarity and limited mintage adds additional value to the pieces. Gifting gold bullion to loved ones gives them a beautiful addition to their investment portfolio if they already have one. If not, it gives them an opportunity to begin their investing journey. Gold bullion is known as the most popular precious metal bullion to invest in as it is incredibly reliable, safe, and efficient as an asset. Gold helps investors preserve and expand their wealth, giving reasoning to the symbolism behind gold. As Lunar New Year is a wonderful time of hope and prosperity, along with wishes of wealth and success in the future, gold makes an excellent addition to these festivities. This wonderful holiday is a remarkable time to invest in gold for you and your family.