2022 1 Oz Silver American Eagles buyers guide

2022 1 Oz Silver American Eagles buyers guide


The American Eagle coins are among the world’s most popular bullion coins. These American Eagles coins are some of the US Mint’s finest work. This tremendously popular coin series is an incredible investment, no matter where you are. Like most of the bullion coins series in the industry, the US Mint releases a new edition to the American Eagles each year. The 2022 1 Oz Silver American Eagles are the newest addition to this magnificent bullion coin series.

The American Eagle coins display breathtaking craftsmanship on both the reverse face and obverse face of the coins. The reverse face of the coin displays the iconic soaring bald eagle. This bald eagle holds a large oak branch in its talons. This image portrayed on the reverse face of the 2022 1 Oz American Silver Eagles is the second issue of the new soaring bald eagle. This design was captured by Emily Damstra. 

The obverse face displays the effigy of the Walking Liberty walking towards the sun on the horizon. Her full-length figure is displayed in incredible detail. The Walking Liberty is shown with branches of oak and laurel in her left hand, as her right hand extends towards the sun. 

History of the Silver American Eagles

The American Eagles coins were first introduced by the US Mint back in 1986. The coin program included gold and silver bullion coins. Ever since then, the American Eagles coins have risen tremendously in popularity. 2021 marked the American Silver Eagle’s 35th anniversary. In celebration of the 35th anniversary, the US Mint had a dual release. This makes the new 2022 edition the 37th release in the coin series. 

The details of the effigies on the coins have changed throughout the years, but many details have stayed the same. The coins are made of 1 troy ounce of fine silver and have a face value of 1 US dollar. The design of the Walking Liberty on the obverse face was originally designed in 1916, and it has continued to be displayed in the 2022 editions as well. 

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