Are Canadian Silver Maple a Good Investment?

If you are a silver investor or are new to investing in precious metal, you probably noticed the variety of coins to exist. Out of all these options, some of the most popular investments include the Canadain Silver Maple Leaf and the American Silver Eagle Coins. Unsurprisingly these are the most popular coins in Canada and the United States. Due to their popularity, there is always a debate between investors whether the Silver Maples or the Silver Eagles are the better investment.

Why Canadian Maple Leafs are the better Investment

Both the Maples and Eagles can be used as legal tender as they are both minted by government mints. However, the Canadian Silver Maples are priced higher at $5 Canadian Dollars, whereas the Silver Eagles are priced at $1 US Dollar. Regardless of the face value, they are considered to be investments and are valued at their market price.

Additionally, the Canadian Silver Maples have a .9999 level of purity, compared to the Silver Eagles which have .999 purity. Having the quad 9 level of purity makes the maples one of the finest Silver coins in the World. If you are buying the maples in bulk, each monster box comes with 20 tubes. Each tube contains 25 coins, making a total of 500 coins in each tube.

In terms of popularity, the Silver maples are less popular than the Eagles. This is primarily due to the fact that America’s population is 10 times the size of Canada’s. Additionally, there are more Eagles in circulation with over 400 million in existence. The Maples have around 200 million in circulation, which is half the amount of the Eagles. Having less in circulation is good for the Maples as it increases their desirability due to the rarity factor.

Interestingly, the Eagles have a very high demand which makes them have a higher premium compared to the Maples. This makes the Maples to be more affordable and more desirable as an investment to receive a higher ROI.

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