India’s Gold Demand

India has one of the highest demand for Gold in the whole world. With a population greater than 1.35 billion people, and increased wealth, it is easy to understand the increased demand. In Indian culture, Gold is used as a part of many rituals and a huge symbol of value and storing wealth. Gold has a central role in the country’s culture, considered a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status and a fundamental part of many rituals. Throughout the entire country, Gold is highly valued and always in demand, even in rural areas. Whether it be in the form of jewellery, or Gold bars and Gold coins. It is an investment that the entire country always makes.

In Indian culture, gifting Gold is a very common thing that people partake in. Whether it be for a birthday, wedding, or religious holiday, these events take up a huge part of India’s Gold demand. Gold jewellery is always worn during holidays and ceremonies. Gold is an integral part of Indian’s lives.

Increased Gold Demand

Over the past year, India’s demand for Gold has increased over 57%. With increased global inflation due to the pandemic, the increased demand did not come as a surprise. Majority of the demand stems from buying jewellery, however a large portion comes from bullion bars and coins. While the demand for acquiring Gold increased, the recycling of Gold has decreased. More people are begging to hold onto their Gold rather than selling it for new Gold. With the way the markets are fluctuating and economic uncertainty, it is understandable why less people are selling their Gold.

Gold bullion is a great investment and is used a lot when gifting to one another or to the local temple. Indian’s all across the world buy Gold bars and coins for gifting and investment purposes. It is relatively cheaper to obtain Gold in the form of bullion compared to jewellery. In Canada alone, we can see the great demand of Gold coming from the diverse Indian population residing in this country.

Buying Gold in Canada

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