Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins Buyers Guide

The 1 Oz Silver Maple Leaf Coins from the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has been a sought after coin since 1988. Since then, RCM has issued a new edition of the coin every year. There are many other silver coins that are highly sought after. For instance, there are the American SIlver Eagles, South African Krugerrands, British Brittania, and many more. However, out of all of these coins, the Silver Maple has to be the best yet.

Silver Maple Leaf Coins in the 1990s

The Canadian Maple leaf series went through a major design change on the obverse face of the coins in 1990. This change was made to both the Gold maples and the Silver maples. The design change was of an updated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The updated portrait
displayed an older and more modern etching of her majesty. Then later on in the decade, in 1999 RCM issued a few of the Silver Maple Coins with a privy mark. This was done to honour the Silver maples 20 year anniversary and years of success.

Canadian Silver Maple leaf coins now in 2021 come with a wafer like micro engraved lines for a neat new feature. This new feature is purely for security purposes and is called the Bullion DNA. This feature allows investors to easily authenticate the metal directly with RCM’s database. This is revolutionary technology that RCM is bringing into the bullion industry. This added benefit of increased security will only make the Silver maples more attractive in the eyes of investors.

Canadain Silver Maples are always an evergreen investment. These coins will never go out of style and are only continuing to improve. They are one of the worlds most highly sought after silver coins and are a must have in one’s silver collection. You can learn more about why Silver Maples are the best silver investment and understand their place in the market.

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