Buy Gold and Silver in British Columbia from AU Bullion

Investing in precious metals is an intelligent move, and with partners as reliable as AU Bullion, it’s set to get even better. In Vancouver, British Columbia, AU Bullion provides the best prices for some of the highest-grade gold and silver. Their transparent, consistent prices and a broad range of products make them the top choice for new and seasoned investors alike. 

Competitive rates and best deals at AU Bullion

What is known about AU Bullion is that it has established its unbeatable rates and offers for gold and silver purchases. Most importantly, they directly partner with other reputable mints and refineries globally, including the Royal Canadian Mint. Thus, meaning you are sure to get quality at the best cost. Be it online or in-store in Vancouver, have confidence that you are getting a great deal. 

Sell Your Precious Metals to AU Bullion

If you need to offload your precious metals at the most competitive place in the market, you can head over to AU Bullion. Here at AU Bullion, we pride ourselves on making sure that you receive the best value for your assets by providing the most competitive rates in the market. Since we are dealing in high-priced precious metals, this is the time to sell. Our expert team guarantees easy and secure transactions with on-the-spot payment options. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Vancouver, British Columbia

Residents of Vancouver may head out to the AU Bullion physical store located at 736 Granville Street, Unit 930. You may also give them a call at +1 (604) 676-4838 or send an email to if you have any questions or need to set up a time to go in.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Residents of North Vancouver only have a short drive over to Vancouver to get to the AU Bullion store. Additionally, should it be more convenient for you, you can also check online on their website for availabilities or inquire by phone with their experienced staff about the purchase and sale of your metals. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in West Vancouver, British Columbia

AU Bullion is just a couple of clicks away for West Vancouver residents since all they need to do is visit the website. For personal advice, a meeting in the Vancouver office or a simple phone call is enough for the needed information.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Nanaimo residents can take advantage of the competitive rates offered by AU Bullion with the added convenience of their online shop. If you want to sell, call them over the phone to get the process going and learn what kind of rates you could realize.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Victoria, British Columbia

In Victoria, there are extensive online services at AU Bullion, making it convenient for all owners of precious metals to either buy or sell from them. The experienced team is just a phone call away to answer questions. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Kamloops, British Columbia

The residents of Kamloops, BC, can readily shop or sell gold and silver through the online shop AU Bullion. You may call and receive one-to-one assistance to have a wonderful experience. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Abbotsford, British Columbia

The residents of Abbotsford, BC, can rely on a reasonable price and a wide range of products from AU Bullion. Contact them online or by phone to reach an expert assistant who will help you get great deals.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Kelowna, British Columbia

Residents in Kelowna can learn everything AU Bullion offers through their website or by speaking with their seasoned team. Get remarkable rates, supported by excellent service when you buy or sell. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Burnaby, British Columbia

Although the Vancouver store is easily accessible to the people in Burnaby, AU Bullion has an online shop and sales through the phone to make buying precious metals easy and convenient. Get in touch with our team by email or phone for expert assistance in your next precious metals investment.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Prince George, British Columbia

Available to Prince George’s residents is the competitive pricing and quality through the online store of AU Bullion. There is an evident assurance of a phone consultation in providing sellers and investors with the best price for their precious metal.

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Chilliwack, British Columbia

Available to Chilliwack residents through their online store, their Vancouver location offers transparent pricing and expert advice on the best value from your precious metal. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Surrey, British Columbia 

Residents who live in Surrey are welcome to visit AU Bullion at their Vancouver location and can use their e-commerce website for any of their precious metal purchases. Their phone lines remain open to those who would like personalized service from home. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Vernon, British Columbia 

People living in Vernon can buy and sell gold and silver on the website. Their customer service line is fully staffed with experts who will answer all questions. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Langley, British Columbia 

AU Bullion offers residents of Langley great prices and selections online. Residents get guaranteed phone support to make sure their purchase is safe and effortless. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Delta, British Columbia 

Delta residents can enjoy competitive pricing and trusted services through online services from AU Bullion or by calling their knowledgeable staff over the phone. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Coquitlam, British Columbia 

Coquitlam locals can take advantage of AU Bullion’s easy buying and selling process. Check out their online shop today or contact their Vancouver location for professional help. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in Richmond, British Columbia 

Those living in Richmond are served by the AU Bullion store in Vancouver, which also offers online services and can serve all precious metal needs. 

Shop for Gold and Silver Online in New Westminster, British Columbia

Those living in New Westminster can rely on AU Bullion for competitive prices and the best products available. Visit their online shop or contact their Vancouver location for professional advice. 

Au Bullion is your precious metal investing partner, offering the best deals and competitive rates in British Columbia. They have a professional, knowledgeable team beside you whether buying or selling. For any consultation feel free to call at +1 (604) 676-4838 or send an email to We also offer exclusive walk-in only deals at our Vancouver store, be sure to inquire about those precious metals deals!