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Want to sell your gold or silver? You’ve reached the right place. Look no further than Au Bullion, Toronto’s #1 Gold Buyer. Prices of precious metals, including gold and silver, have soared to record highs. This has made the prospect of selling very attractive, and we will always offer the highest market price for your valuables.

Fair Prices and Transparent Processes

At Au Bullion, we provide the best rates in the market for our customers. Be it bullion, jewellery, or scrap metal, we ensure that the return you receive from your item is as high and as fair as possible. Our transparent process follows an open-door policy that allows you to step into each stage of gold circulation: weighing, melting, and testing. This commitment to transparency and fairness itself has enabled thousands of clients to be able to sell with confidence knowing that they are getting the best offer in the market.

Why Now Is a Great Time to Sell

The precious metals market is red-hot, and prices have reached all-time highs. For individuals wishing to liquidate their holdings, this is a golden opportunity. So, by selling your gold or silver now, you take advantage of the benefits of high market prices and stand to make a significant return on investment. Au Bullion guarantees that you get the best value for your precious metal items to maximize the process of selling as smoothly and profitably as possible.

Comprehensive Services for All Your Needs

The services of Au Bullion entail more than just buying gold and silver. We are also experts in refining precious metals such as dental scraps and jewellery scraps using advanced technologies and experienced professionals, therefore ensuring maximum returns for our clients. Our precious metal service works with both private sellers and business clients to ensure all needs have been catered to.

Convenient and Reliable Centres to Sell Your Gold and Silver

Au Bullion has two locations, in Toronto and Vancouver, making it highly convenient for you to come and visit us with your precious metals. Our team of experts are there to walk you through the entire process, providing advice to ensure it’s all smooth. In case you are outside these areas, they offer you options for shipping your metals, with many payout methods at your disposal: cash, wire transfer, e-transfer, or cheque. You will be paid on the spot or within 24-48 hours after we receive your shipment.

What We Buy

At Au Bullion, we buy a wide range of precious metal items, including Gold, silver, and platinum bullion (coins and bars), Gold jewellery (from 10 karat to 24 karat), Scrap gold and silver, Sterling silver, flatware, and other silver items. Our commitment to offering the best prices extends to all these categories, ensuring you are satisfied with your decision to sell to us.

Contact Us Today

Do not miss this golden opportunity to sell your silver and gold at the very peak of the market. Contact Au Bullion today for more information on our competitive rates and superior services. Call us at 905-605-6757 or email Come by our Toronto or Vancouver storefront and see why we are the top trusted gold buyer in Canada. Selling your precious metals has never been so quick and easy!