Celebrating 125 Years of Excellence: The Perth Mint’s Anniversary Coins

The 125th anniversary of the Perth Mint is a fitting testament to the rich history behind the company and gives new and seasoned bullion investors a unique opportunity to celebrate this historic milestone. The Perth Mint has been setting the benchmark for gold and silver products since 1899, and this year they offer a special coin series honoring their remarkable history.

The Legacy of the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint began in 1899 as a branch of the Royal Mint system in Britain to refine gold emanating from Western Australia and produce sovereigns and half-sovereigns. Years later, this developed to become a complete precious metal enterprise with the reputation of high-quality coins that are some of the most beautiful in the world.

The 125th Anniversary Coin Collection

Marking its 125th anniversary, the Perth Mint celebrates with a new range of magnificent gold, silver proof, and bullion coins. The collection features the Kangaroo, Kookaburra, and Koala, all in one on the reverse face of the coins. For those new to the Perth Mint series’, these three animals all have their separate coins and are globally their most popular coins. 

Gold Coins

Items that are investment grade and in collector’s edition include coins struck from 99.99% pure gold and designed with classic animals from the Perth Mint’s most popular collections.

Silver Proof Coins

The silver-proof coins are detailed with added patterns and finished with a mirror-like surface designed by the Mint, all struck by .9999 fine silver, underlining both the superior quality and advanced finishing details from the Mint.

Bullion Coins 

Bullion investors, as well as collectors, will find these bullion coins highly valuable for the opportunity that arises in investment-grade precious metals. The coins themselves are stamped with the hallmark quality of the Perth Mint, showing durable designs fit for both global markets and local investors. 

A Smart Investment and a Piece of History Buying coins from the Perth Mint 125th Anniversary Collection is more than just buying precious metal coins; it’s the purchase of history that pays homage to the enduring legacy and craftsmanship of one of the world’s premier mints. Whether a new investor trying to find his way to precious metals or an established collector, something from the anniversary collection of the Perth Mint is surely bound to appeal to the likings. 

Beautiful, quality, and of historical value, these coins are all set to take an important place in the investment portfolio. Casting an eye over the next 125 years, The Perth Mint sees itself well set to remain the benchmark for success in the bullion market and to provide the high-quality bullion that they have been producing for years to come.