Understanding Premiums Over Spot Price When Buying Gold and Silver Bullion

One term that time and again comes up when delving into the world of bullion investment is “premium over the spot price.” Well, this is a very important concept for new and established investors to understand, given this is an impact point for the cost involved in purchasing gold and silver bullion.

What is the Spot Price?

Spot price is the price of something in the market delivered immediately. This figure varies all through the trading day with regards to worldwide economic activities, supply and demand, market speculation, and geopolitical events.

What are Premiums?

Premiums refer to the extra cost above the spot price that one has to pay at the moment of making a purchase of bullion. It is not only an additional charge but instead refers to many important factors such as mining, refining, production, distribution, and dealer markup. Moreover, premiums will also vary based on the product type, whether it is coins, rounds, or bars, and the size of each item and its design intricacy.

Factors Influencing Premiums

Several factors affect the size of the premium, including:

Product Demand and Scarcity: Highly sought-after or rare items typically carry higher premiums.

Manufacturing Costs: More intricate designs require sophisticated craftsmanship, thus increasing the premium.

Volume of Purchase: Buying in bulk often reduces the premium per unit due to economies of scale. 

Dealer’s Operating Costs: These are incorporated into the premium to cover business expenses and profit margins.

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