Circulated Coins vs Uncirculated Coins



Thinking about if your next precious metals purchase should be to buy circulated or uncirculated coins? Possibly considering starting a coin collection? Here’s a guide to go over and understand the key differences between circulated and uncirculated bullion when deciding on what to purchase.

Uncirculated Coins

If you are an investor and are mainly looking to buy precious metals with an end goal to sell for a profit then uncirculated coins may be the best option for you. This is purely due to the fact that uncirculated coins hold and higher value and also retain a higher value as compared to circulated coins. It is rare to find an older coin that has not been circulated, this drives up the value significantly of the coin, much higher than the face value of it. This is why investors and collectors tend to buy uncirculated pieces, as it holds a significantly higher value and they can come out with a higher return. 

Circulated Coins

These are mainly for people who are looking to grow their investment portfolio or are just generally interested in bullion. With circulated coins they don’t increase in value as much as uncirculated coins, but at the end of the day it is still a precious metal. So if Gold prices or Silver prices go up then the value of your circulated bullion will still increase in value. The value circulated coins are largely correlated with the precious metals market.

Is it worth it to buy circulated coins?

This is completely dependent on what your perspective is and what you plan on doing with the precious metals. Both circulated and uncirculated coins will give you a return if you hold onto them long enough. Uncirculated coins simply hold a higher value and will increase more in value than its circulated counterparts. Circulated coins are great for investment purposes to retain value and grow your portfolio or to get into the precious metals market. So it all ends up coming down to what you value more and your investment plans are.

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