Is Platinum a Good Investment?


Although Platinum is significantly more rare than Gold, it’s price is still sitting well below the price of Gold; around $1000 Canandian Dollars. However, this precious metal is still quite popular amongst investors. So what makes platinum more rare than Gold?

Is it really worth investing in?

Platinum in its natural form is an extremely rare sighting. The precious metal is found deeper into the Earth than Gold too, making mining and extracting it harder and more expensive. 

Platinum in its natural form that is found deep inside mines must be refined in order to be considered pure. This process is much more complex than refining Gold or Silver as Platinum’s boiling point is much higher, thus making the precious metal even more rare.


At the end of the day, Platinum is still a precious metal, thus making it a ‘safe-haven’ asset in the eyes of investors. Over the years Platinum has had tremendous growth. Although it is more rare than Gold, the price is significantly less than the price of the yellow metal. 

Platinum also has a lot of functional uses, such as being used to produce catalytic converters in vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. It is also used in the fuel cells of electric vehicles, thus solidifying the metals future need.

Adding Platinum to your investment portfolio could potentially result in a massive return on your investment in the future. Some financial analysts even believe that the price may surpass the price of Gold, making right now an amazing time to capitalize on the lower price.

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