Exploring the History and Legacy of Asahi Refining

Introduction: An Overview of the Company and Their Background

Metals have been refined by Asahi for more than 200 years. They have honed the science and art of metalworking throughout that time, and their commitment to accuracy is seen in everything we produce. Since its founding in 1952, the business has expanded to rank among the biggest and most reputable precious metal refiners worldwide.

A Look at Asahi’s Early Years and How They Began

The first recorded event occurred during the Edo era, when Tanishige, a blacksmith, established a modest workshop in Sakai. He invented the “tokujo” process of metal refinement, which required heating and hammering the metal until it was malleable. This method is still applied today, and Tanishige and his successors’ skills and methods laid the groundwork for Asahi’s success. Asahi Pretec Corp. expanded its business into the US in 1960.

How Has Asahi Refining Evolved Over Time?

Asahi Refining became the official name of Asahi Pretec Corp. in 2001. In 2014, the business expanded further in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The US gold and silver refining business of Johnson Matthey was acquired by Asahi Refining in 2015. ASAHI Refining, which also has facilities across major countries and a stellar track record of excellence, innovation, and sustainability, is a leader in the manufacturing and refining of precious metals today.

What Sets Asahi Apart from Other Precious Metal Refiners?

  •     Using the most advanced technology is one of the ways they accomplish this. For instance, they just made an investment in a new laser-based system that enables them to refine metals more accurately.
  •     Highly competent and experienced individuals that have spent years perfecting their art.
  •   Refinery personnel can produce results that are unmatched.
  •   Asahi Refining can offer top market pricing for their customers’ scrap gold because to the multi-step procedure.

Overall Asahi Refining produces a range of high quality Gold and Silver bullion investment products. Au Bullion is proud to be an authorized retailer for their products! Visit us or call us to invest in Asahi Refining Bullion today!