Gifting Gold and Silver for Christmas


As the seasons change, and Christmas gets nearer and nearer, many struggles to find the best gift for their loved ones. Christmas is known as one of the most popular times to exchange thoughtful gifts with friends and family. Knowing what gift to get can be the hardest part. The best gifts are the gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful but also useful. Bullion is an incredibly universal gift, making it useful and meaningful to anyone all around the globe, no matter who it is. 

Why should I Gift Gold and Silver for Christmas?

Gift-giving during Christmas can be one of the most stressful parts of the holidays. December 25th is one of the most magical days of the year, filled with joy and love. The holiday is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and has continued to be an annual festival celebrated by billions around the world. 

Precious metals are seen as symbols of wealth and fortune all around the world. Bullion is seen as an efficient investment vehicle. Investors choose to invest in bullion as it is a well-known way of growing your wealth. Gold and silver are the two most popular precious metals that are invested in. Precious metal pieces can be passed down through generations. As the physical value of gold and silver is always changing, holding onto bullion as an investment can benefit everyone. Gifting bullion can be the start to someone’s investment career, or a sentimental addition to an investor’s portfolio. Aside from the physical and emotional value, these gifts can hold, bullion coins and bars can be found in many varieties.

Additionally, Canadians have an advantage when investing in precious metals. In Canada, bullion is considered an investment vehicle and can be included in your RRSP. Therefore their precious metals will not be subject to sales tax, allowing you to stay in a lower tax bracket.

Where Can I Purchase Gold and Silver Products for Christmas?

Looking for the lowest premiums when purchasing your precious metals is incredibly important when looking to make the best deals. Here at AU Bullion, we offer the lowest premiums on all of our bullion products. We have an outstanding collection of bullion from the most remarkable mints and refiners all around the world. We have incredible bullion pieces in stock for this Christmas, including the 2021 1 Oz Silver Nutcracker coin from PAMP Suisse and the 2021 17.5 Merry Christmas Silver Proof Coin from NIUE.