Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium


Precious metals have been remarkably valuable to mankind since their discovery. These metals have been a symbol of wealth and prosperity in several different cultures, traditions, and nations. Some of the world’s most highly-sought after precious metals are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These precious metals are some of the most popular precious metals in the industry due to their value and respective qualities. In a more economical aspect, these metals have always performed incredibly throughout economic uncertainty, giving them the popular “safe haven quality investors desire. 

Value of Gold

Throughout history, gold has always been seen as the most highly-sought after precious metal known to man. As an investment, gold holds very long periods of steady prices. Although prices for all goods fluctuate constantly, gold is more predictable and reliable. As an investment, gold has held its value throughout its economical history. It works as a hedge against inflation or deflation and is stronger than the US dollar. Additionally, gold protects your assets during geopolitical uncertainty. Its rarity will always give it a high value. Gold is the world’s most popular precious metal to invest in for a reason.

Value of Silver

Similar to gold, silver is the world’s second most highly-sought after precious metal. The metal also possesses several admirable qualities as an investment. Investors absolutely love silver because it is a tangible asset with intrinsic value. In the United States, silver is considered legal tender. In the past 5 years, the total global silver investment has been well over $8 billion. Silver is predicted to continue to grow in demand, influencing its value. There is no doubt that silver is an outstanding investment. 

Value of Platinum

While sharing similar qualities as the previous two metals, platinum also possesses several other unique qualities that make it more useful in several other industrial uses. Platinum is incredibly rare but continues to have an extremely high demand in the auto industry. The metal’s intrinsic value will protect your wealth against currency devaluation or inflation. The qualities it possesses make it a remarkable metal to invest in. 

Value of Palladium

Palladium is very similar to platinum and the two have extremely similar uses. One notable difference between the two is that platinum is much denser than palladium, making it slightly more expensive. Palladium is incredibly rare in comparison to other metals, including gold and platinum. The demand for palladium has increased by over 40% in recent years. The metal routinely outperforms gold and silver and has a high value-to-density ratio. Palladium also has some supply deficits. This metal makes an incredible investment overall. 

Value of Rhodium

Rhodium is a relatively newer metal in comparison with the other four. The metal was discovered back in 1803 by a British chemist named William Hyde Wollaston. He also discovered palladium around the same time. Rhodium is desirable because it has highly practical uses in industries such as automotive, medical, and jewellery. Rhodium is also tremendously rare giving it more value as a metal. It’s demand increases as countries continue to reduce carbon emissions. Rhodium makes a superb investment.