How to Store Your Gold & Silver Bullion.

When investing in Precious Metals, there are many steps one could take to ensure the preservation of your Bullion. Overall good practices while storing gold and silver bullion goes a long way to preserve the value alongside the physical features of the Precious Metals themselves.

Things to consider

  • The physical space that will be taken up by your Gold & Silver Bullion
  • The environment in which you’ll be placing your Bullion. It’s best to avoid any areas that are damp and corrosive.
  • The security levels of where you plan on storing your Precious Metals. Your investments would be alot safer in a safety deposit box than under your mattress. Furthermore, the more people that know that there is Bullion in your possession and of its whereabouts will create a greater threat to the security of your Precious Metals.

Preserving Your Precious Metals
Although Gold is famous for its resistance to corrosion it is still best to take note of the environment in which you store your Gold Bars & Coins. One should avoid any contact with harsh corrosives such as bleach while also ensuring that the area your Bullion is kept is dry and not damp. 

Unlike Gold, SIlver’s properties don’t allow it to avoid tarnishing as much. When preserving Silver there are a few things one could to insure that the luster of their Metals will be maintained. It is best to keep your Silver Coins in Tubes and Silver Bars in Ziploc bags or in other forms of plastic packaging. When handling your Silver Bullion its best to avoid using bare hands in order to prevent transferring oils. In the off-chance your Silver Coins & Bars do tarnish, one could buy Cleaning Products which are specifically designed to clean your silver.

Safe & Secure Storage

One of the key issues that any investors/collectors of bullion face is the secure storage of their products. It can be nerve racking when buying such expensive products and trying to find a secure space to store them. 

One way you could keep your Gold & Silver Bullion secure is to invest into a safe for your home. Ensuring the safe is fire-proof and waterproof is a perfect way to safe guard your Precious Metals from unnecessary exposure to the elements. 

If one does not feel comfortable with keeping such valuables at home, keeping your Bullion collection in a safety deposit box or with a third-party is also a viable option. For a nominal fee,

one could pay a third party to keep their Precious Metals in a protected place, allowing for your own peace of mind.