Johnson Matthey and their products


The start of Johnson Matthey

The famous Johnson Matthey (JM) was founded in 1817 by Percival Nortan Johnson. The company started up as a gold assayer in London, England. In 1851, George Matthey joined his business and soon became the name Johnson Matthey. From there on then, The company became a refining company and became the official refiner to The Bank of England. The company took off and soon started to have branches all over the United Kingdom, which supplied gold and silver. This was the start of how they turned themselves into one of the biggest refinery companies in the world.

JM Products

Johnson Matthey have all sorts of different products of gold and silver and different sizes. Many consumers are trying to buy some more JM as the rarity increases. Since the company had stopped, their bars have stopped being minted, also making it harder to find. Their products are known to be collector items as they have been collected by many stackers over the years.

Where is Johnson Matthey today?

In 2015, Johnson Matthey sold their precious metal department to Asahi Refining,Inc. This was a great opportunity for Asahi Refining as they knew that Johnson Matthey was one of the biggest refinery companies in the world. Many of JM’s clients went from there company to Asahi refining. Asahi Refining now has bars that are similarly minted to the ones that were minted by JM.  

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