Royal Mint Britannia Coins Buyers Guide

The Britannia coin from the Royal Mint is known to many as their most popular British coin in their stock. Britannia’s were originally minted in gold in 1987, then started to be minted in silver ten years later in 1997. The Britannia gold and silver coins are renowned all over the world and are great investments. The Britannia can come in one Troy ounce of gold with a face value of 100 british pounds, and can come in one Troy ounce of silver with a face value of 2 british pounds. These coins have a purity of 999.9.

The Britannnia coin has an image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and has the famously known Britannia image on the other side. The new Britannia coins starting from 2021 have a new security DNA feature which can easily show the consumer if that coin is authentic or not. 

Buying Older Royal Mint Britannia Coins

The Britannia coins do not have a special rarity value or any type of historical premiums as they get older. The older edition coins are very easily available, and can be purchased from many different companies. Most likely, the current year of Britannias will be the cheapest due to the fact that a lot is being minted. Buying a specific year of Britannia’s from the past may command a high premium due to rarity. There may be a chance where older coins can rise and go up in value quicker than the brand new ones that are being minted.

Buying Newer Royal Mint Britannia Coins

The current year editions are great to purchase if you like to weigh the value in precious metals. Since the coin is available in a lot of stores, the premiums are very low. This would be a great time to purchase them. It would be a good investment to order the coins of the current year when the premium is not as high in bulk from your bullion dealer. This could give you a large profit margin in the years to come as the premium goes higher. Moreover, the newer coins would also come with the latest security features and also not have any tarnish or blemishes. 

Where to Buy Britannia’s?

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