When we think about precious metals, PAMP Suisse is always a notable brand that comes to mind. PAMP, standing for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, is a highly distinguished brand in the precious metals industry. Based out of Switzerland, they produce some of the worlds purest Gold and Silver bullion!

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Starting off in 1977 as a corporation specializing in mining, asaying and producing precious metals, they gave grown to becoming one of the top names in the game. It is now estimated that they handle over 450 metric tons of Gold annually.

One of their most notable series’ that we have come to know is the Lady Fortuna series. That is the stand out series that is recognized on all their bullion bars, from Gold, Silver to Platinum. It is a highly sought after series that is recognized around the world.

PAMP is also very popular for their collectibles as well as their special edition products. Some of their notable special edition products that we carry include their Lunar series Gold and Silver bars and also their Diwali 5 Gram Gold bars. Every year they release a new bar for both these series’ and they both have beautiful designs specific for each special occasion.

When purchasing Gold or Silver bullion, PAMP Suisse products are always a great choice. AU Bullion is proud to be carrying the PAMP Suisse line! We have many different sizes for you to choose from. Be sure to check out what we have got in stock for your next precious metals order!