Proof Coins; What are they?

Growing in popularity each year, proof coins are a special and unique investment. While many coin collectors and investors adore proof coins, many still don’t know what they are.
The history of proof coins dates back to 1792, during the foundation of the U.S Mint. Proof coins were meant to ensure the minting process would be efficient when mass production started. Originally, these special coins were given to important figures like well-known coin collectors and politicians. Eventually, they were sold to the public.

Proof Coins

What exactly are proof coins? Well the term itself refers to high-quality minting processes for the coins. Unlike regular coins, the manufacturing process for proof coins is much more detailed and delicate. The process results in a beautifully polished mirror-like finish on the blank fields, with a contrast to the design.
Adding to the uniqueness of proof coins, they were originally produced to check dies before coin circulation began. However, the U.S Mint as well as other mints occasionally produce sets of proof coins for numismatic purposes.

How are Proof Coins Made?

The manufacturing process for proof coins begins with giving the coins blanks. To obtain that high-quality finish, they’re hand-polished and the dies are specially polished as well. The dies are then fitted into the coining press. Finally, to guarantee maximum design details, the coins are struck at least twice.
One of the main differences between regular coins and proof coins is their polishing. Unlike regular circulating coins, most proof coins typically have squared-off rims. Another difference includes the process of handling the coins. During the manufacturing process, the coins are hand-polished, and carefully hand-fed into coin presses. The coins are carefully transferred from station to station instead of being collectively tossed into bins.


The blanks of the coins have a beautifully polished finish, giving it a mirror-like look. On top of the polished finish, the coins display beautiful frosted design devices.

What’s the difference between bullion, proof, uncirculated, and circulating coins?

Due to their uniqueness, proof coins are the highest quality coins produced by the US mint. The incredible care put into the process of manufacturing the coins makes them so special.
Another special type of coin is bullion coins. Although bullion coins aren’t available to the general public directly from the US Mint, they are made available to the public through dealers. Their prices fluctuate with the daily spot price and their precious metal content.
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