Silver and Gold: The Money of Last Resort

Silver and Gold: The Money of Last Resort

Currency collapse is far from a new phenomenon in modern or ancient society; however, as currencies have moved toward a fiat standard their lifespan has been significantly shortened.  Depending on which source you find, you may find some variance, but consensus seems to lie around 35 years being the average length of any one fiat currency.  With 1971 marking the year all currencies of the world became fiat at the exact same moment, you have began to see more and more of these floating currencies collapse under the weight of horrendous monetary policy.  These collapses have only increased in regularity as each of them approach at least their 52nd birthday (discounting those that have blown up and been replaced by a newer fiat).  Countries that have seen their currencies collapse since 1971 are: Peru, Russia, Zaire, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Bolivia, Angola, Ukraine,

Turkey, Georgia, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Belarus, Chile, Romania, Bosnia, and many more.

What all these currencies had in common was that they were not marked as the world reserve currency, nor were they considered to be “hard money”; a fiat currency that is widely accepted around the world like the U.S. dollar, the Euro or the Swiss franc.  This, however, granted these countries the ability to hold fire sales of the nation’s assets to world buyers raising capital in mainly U.S. dollars allowing them to stabilize and try again.  Although, if that did not work they likely were now under the thumb of the IMF due to a sizable debt relief package being granted to be paid back later… plus interest.

So why are we telling you this?


Well, because it is important to recognize the precarious situation we all find ourselves in now, as a citizen of the world.  As mentioned earlier, the world has been on a floating fiat standard removed from gold for approaching 52 years, almost 20 years past the historical average age of any fiat currency in history.  And so what are the repercussions of that?  Look below:

Right around 80% of countries across the world now have inflation rates OVER 6%, and that number has increased dramatically since 2020 to say the least.  When you consider that past currency collapses were solved by a restructuring of a nation’s debt and by reaching to a stronger world fiat currency to help pull them through the turmoil – what form of money would the world turn to if all the major fiat currencies: the British pound, the Euro, the U.S. dollar, and others all began collapsing simultaneously?  The only option remaining to act as a stabilizer for world currencies WILL BE silver and gold.  Governments and central banks have turned their back on these metals so they could suck every last benefit of “easy money” out of the system before inevitably being forced back to silver and gold to cover their insurmountable debts.

If this sound outlandish to you, I would simply turn your attention back to the fact that since the 2008 Great Financial Crisis, when the can was kicked down the road with massive bank bailouts and repeated Quantitative Easing programs by the Federal Reserve, central banks have been NET BUYERS of gold.  For the past 15 years they have been sucking up the supply of physical metals as fast as they can.  We only ask you, in preparation for what?

We believe central banks of the world have been preparing to return to sound money to avoid having to pay off the massive debts each world government has accumulated since 1971, and because of this, we believe there is no better time to empower yourself and become your own bank.  The way to do that: by holding your wealth in physical silver and gold where no one can transfer your hard earned time into the hands of another through stealth taxes like inflation.  And there really is no better place to start than the world’s most secure silver and gold coins: The Canadian Silver & Gold Maple.  Find a link below and secure yours today!

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