The Process of selling your Dental Scrap

Sell your Dental Scrap

Although precious metals such as gold and silver are most commonly known as investment vehicles, they have a large variety of other purposes. From jewellery to electronics, to investments, these precious metals are used all around the world for countless different purposes. One less popular use for these precious metals is in the dental industry. The dental industry included gold and silver in older technology such as implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and overlays. Nowadays with technological advances, these dental scrap items are rarely used. Looking to sell gold and silver dental scrap at outstanding price ! Contact our knowledgeable team to give you best price for your metal scrap!

When looking to recycle old materials such as gold and silver dentists are encouraged to sell their dental scraps. This provides several benefits such as generating a passive income, recycling old materials, and producing gold or silver. When Dentists and Oral Hygienists recycle their dental scraps, they follow a sustainable method of producing gold or silver from the scraps. Since gold and silver are incredibly scarce, sustainable methods of producing and recycling them are crucial for maintaining this industry for many more years to come. 



The Process of selling your Dental Scrap

When Dentists or Oral Hygienists choose to recycle and sell their dental scraps, they go through a reliable recycling process. When the scraps are first brought in, they’re prepared for a melting and refining process. At this stage, the metals undergo a pre-melt inspection before they head into the furnaces. Throughout this process, impurities are removed to the best of our ability and the bars are poured and cleaned. Additionally, an assay analysis is conducted through XRF technology. This part of the process allows us to determine the exact metal percentage of each bar. This is a crucial step in the process that allows us to reach a settlement with you and find a suitable price for the metals. 

The last step of the process is the payment, in which we offer bank wire transfer, cheque, or swapping bullion products. With our competitive pricing and our outstanding rates, you are sure to make the best deal possible when investing and working with us!