Why Gold is a safer investment than Bitcoin


Gold is a chemical element that has a scientific symbol of Au. It has a high economic value due to its scarcity. It is hard to mine, refine, mint and ship, therefore, its high price and premium. Bitcoin is a decentralized online currency that does not have a specific bank or single administrator. This currency can be traded from person to person without the extra negotiators and process of a bank. Similarly, Gold and Bitcoin are both mined but in different aspects. Gold is found when physically digging into the ground, while Bitcoin is mined through software and hardware. Invest in gold bullion at low premium and competitive price!

When looking at the two investments and deciding which one is better, it is all a matter of perception on the investment. Historically, Gold has been known to keep its value very stable. It has outperformed other assets in times of economic uncertainty. The precious metal allows investors to have an extra sense of security in case things ever go wrong. Gold is a great hedge against inflation and protection against erosion of major currencies. 

If you are looking for an asset that does not lose its value in a short period of time, Gold is a suitable option. It is hard to corrupt the price of Gold. It is also a much more liquid asset than bitcoin. It can be easily moved in and out of your portfolio when the market is fluctuating and can be traded for cash. Although Gold may not provide day trade returns like bitcoin, it has a long reputation of providing competitive returns.

Overall, if you are looking for a long term investment that does not crack under uncertain times, Gold is always the right asset. Although bitcoin has peaked in mainstream crypto currency media, Gold has been around for centuries always being a safe haven metal for investors. It is the better hedge against inflation, as in times of rise of inflation or interest, bitcoin has let many people down. Gold on the other hand, never disappoints. 

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