What Is a Kookaburra?

Kookaburra Coins background

In the world of finance rarity is in itself a solid incentive for the purchase decision of investors. The kookaburra series is one of the most famous collectible silver coins. Along with this, it is also a favorite instrument in the financial market due to its stylistic flair. The purchase decision of these coins is one of the smartest decisions of the investors. Hence, the selection of an accurate retailer is important. The most important point in the Kookaburra coin investment is every minute increasing attraction from the private collectors of coins and the private citizens interested in balancing their investment portfolio.

The birth of the Kookaburra coin took place in Perth Mint, Australia, and rated it as 0.999 pure and fine silver bullion coins. The purity rating of coins is confirmed by the good delivery standards devised by London Bullion Market Association. In 1990, the coin minting was started and the production cycle continued since. Common sizes of these coins are one troy ounce, two troy ounces, 10 troy ounces, and one kg. The maximum mintage of one ounce Kookaburra is different every year and reaches 300,000 making every year from 1990 to 2010 and 500,000 productions of coins are seen from 2011-to 2014. There is no minting cap in the subsequent weights of coins. The Perth Mint is planning to make at least one million ounce coins in 2013 while officials have decreased the number to its new 500,000 limits.


Variations in the design of Silver Kookaburra

The observed side of the coin presents the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse side of the coin contains the image of the Australian native bird “kookaburra”. The image of the bird has been changed every year or minting including the difference in posture, branches of a tree, color variation, and sometimes the use of different designs. There are a few names of the artists who are selected for creating designs like Rapheal Macklouf (1990 to 1998), John Bergdahl (1992), and Ian Rank-Broadley (1999 to present). The characteristics in the design of kookaburra such as high-quality finish, intricate frosting, glossy appearance, and year of production embedded on the reverse side make it popular all over the world. In addition, the mint mark “P” is always embedded on the reverse side of the coin.

News to Consider: Gold Kookaburra has also been released in 2020 as a memorandum of the 30th successful longevity of the well-loved design. At the beginning of 2021 production of gold coins was also started.

Buying and Selling of Kookaburra Coins

The sale and purchase kookaburra coins is a hassle-free task. Both offline and online methods are available. The availability of several product leaders and industry experts in the online market is making the shopping decisions easy for investors. The different versions of kookaburras are available like mint direct, PCGS, NGC, and coin sets in the online market. Titles can increase the retention value of the coins.

These coins are readily available in the market in a variety of sizes. The buying and selling decisions of the coins depend on the interest and soundness of the portfolio.