Where is most of the Gold on Earth found?

Gold is a tangible asset that continues to appreciate over time. It is a safe haven metal in uncertain economic times. Gold is often used as a hedge against inflation, erosion of major currencies such as USD and CAD and stocks. Gold tends to go up when other investments decline, providing a stabilizing effect for your portfolio. Gold is extremely easy to buy and sell in the market, making it inviting for investors. Gold is a metal, and like any metal, Gold is obtained from the ground and then purified. It is expensive because of the high production costs it takes to maintain a productive mine site. 

Gold minerals form from erupted volcanoes when hot rocks in and outside of the volcano compose. Low sulfur, gold-bearing hydrothermal fluids form when hot rocks heat groundwater. Gold mines can be found all over the world but Gold is majorly mined in South Africa, Canada, China, USA, Russia and australia. China, South Africa and Australia rank top in most Gold production and the USA lies right behind them. Gold is primarily found as a native pure metal. Gold is usually found embedded in quartz veins or placer stream gravel. It has been estimated that about 244,000 tonnes of Gold has been discovered up to date and this number continues to rise everyday. The difficulty of retrieving Gold from the ground plays a large factor in why it is so expensive. Demand also plays a role. As more people buy and want Gold products, the higher the value of it will go. 

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