What is the best way to invest in Gold for beginners?

Gold is a commodity that appreciates in value and protects your money against inflation. Although Gold value can be volatile in the short term, it has always maintained its value over the long term. It serves as a hedge against inflation and erosion of major currencies. Typically, investors buy gold to beat inflation on their emergency funds which may not always happen in banks and liquid funds. Gold is extremely easy to buy and sell in the market, which is why it attracts beginning investors. 

It is crucial to do personal research before looking to invest in precious metals. Consider analyzing different rates with different bullion dealers. When investing, the goal is to create the largest return on your purchase. Therefore, make sure premiums are appropriate and you are not getting overcharged. It is crucial to investigate the repetition of the bullion dealers so you know your products are authentic. 

The safest way to purchase gold is to buy physical Gold coins and Gold bars. General physical Gold bullion is efficient as you can buy and sell it almost anywhere. Most inventors choose physical over a stock as you can sell a bar or coin and get cash immediately. If you were to sell Gold stocks, a percentage of the transaction would be going to a broker. Gold coins and Gold bars are usually a guard against risk as one would invest in them simply for the value of the metal. Although physical gold has a premium to it, buying gold stocks can open up some risks including changing currency values. For instance, buying a gold stock with a company can potentially be uncertain because the management and prospects of the company can influence price. On the other hand, physical gold holds the advantage if the financial market breaks down. 

Overall, Gold coins and Gold bars are far more adequate as they hold lower risks as opposed to Gold stocks. Investors get to hold the shiny metal in their hands and decide if they want to sell right away or hold. When consumers sell stocks, it usually takes a few days for their money to be returned. 

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