Is right now a good time to sell your gold?

For centuries, Gold has been used as a safe haven metal that allows investors to hedge their money against inflation. Historically, gold has proven to give returns marginally higher than inflation, therefore attracting the common buyer. Gold is an efficient way of saving your money through the long term. It is extremely easy to buy and sell in the market. When consumers sell their gold, it is traditionally a quick cash for gold transaction that allows individuals to get the best return on their investment. This quick little read will aim to help you to understand the process of getting cash for gold in Toronto. 

When is the best time to sell your gold for cash? 

Gold, similar to other commodities, constantly fluctuates in value. A common strategy when diversifying your portfolio with precious metals is to buy low, sell high. Identical to any investment, the intention is to gain the highest return. Investors may analyze the gold-to-silver ratio as a signal of when the correct time to buy or sell is. When the common economy is unstable, many look towards Gold as a tangible asset that will save them from a potential loss. At these times when the demand is high, prices usually increase. Now is the time to get cash for Gold in Toronto and the GTA.

Is right now a good time to sell your gold?

In the midst of the notorious Coronavirus pandemic that striked the world in 2020, Gold has hit an all time high price. The sudden stoppage to the entire world’s normality, negatively affected the economy to take a drastic turn. On August 7th Gold hit the highest price per ounce ever recorded in mankind with a price of a little over $2700 CAD. This great increase in price made a lot of money for investors who stacked their metals over time. It also once again proved that in times of crisis, Gold is a safe haven asset. Investors quickly took advantage of a lot of cash for gold offers and made their returns. Current day Gold price per ounce is back down at an average of $2200. Overall, selling your Gold should be a personally investigated issue depending on how comfortable you are with the return you would receive. Using ratios from other markets as objective measures to indicate probable price extremes is an adequate strategy when looking to sell. 

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