Which is a Better Investment: Silver Maple Leaf or Silver Eagle?


Any investor would be wise to invest in a variety of commodities. Although silver has recently demonstrated a significant potential for growth, it is still priced so that prospective investors can still purchase some. Due to these qualities, silver is incredibly well-liked. ‍When you invest in silver bullion, you’ll have to choose between the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and the American Silver Eagle. Both are one-ounce coins of silver that have a high level of scarcity, making them ideal for investment purposes. Two of the most well-known silver bullion coins in the world are the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, both of which have been produced since the 1980s.

But which is a better choice? This article will compare these two coins to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Silver Eagle?

The American Silver Eagle is the most popular and widely traded silver bullion coin. It has been produced by the United States with .999 purity. Despite having a face value of USD 1 and being legal tender in the USA, Silver American Eagles are traded separately based on the amount of silver they contain.

What is a Silver Maple Leaf?

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most recognizable silver bullion coins in the world. Each Silver Maple Leaf coin is produced in Canada. The coin is guaranteed to be 1 ounce, contains the maple leaf prominently, and is .9999 pure silver A laser mark that features the mintage year and is achieved through micro-engraving adds to what the Canadian government refers to as each coin’s “bullion DNA” and gives the Maple Leaf added visual depth.

Similarities in Silver Eagle and Silver Maple Leaf

First, the similarities:

  •   Both silver coins are made of pure silver and have an alloy of other metals for added durability. Each coin weighs one troy ounce or 31.1 grams.
  •   While the Silver Maple Leaf is 99.99% pure, the Silver Eagle is only 99.9% pure. The slight colour difference between the two coins indicates the slight difference

What Justifies the Disparity?

Coin dimension: The coin has a diameter of 38mm and a thickness of 2.87mm. The Queen of England is depicted on the coin’s obverse, and the maple leaf, Canada’s national emblem, is depicted on the reverse. On the other hand, the silver Eagle measures 1.598″ in diameter with a thickness of .117. The reverse side features a bald eagle and shield, with 13 stars, representing the 13 original American colonies, positioned above the eagle’s head.

Coin price: The nominal face value of each coin is present. The face value of the Silver Eagle is currently $1 US, while the face value of the Silver Maple Leaf is $5 Canadian. Silver Maple Leafs are often $.50 – $.75 per ounce cheaper.

Which to Buy: Silver Eagles or Maple Leafs?

  •   if you reside in the United States and are thinking about buying a silver bullion coin with a stable price, high level of familiarity, and tax-deductible status then will go for the silver eagle. However, compared to the Silver Maple Leaf, the Silver Eagle typically trades at a marginally higher premium to the spot price of silver. Thus, buying the Silver Eagle will cost you more. The Silver Maple Leaf is the best choice if you want to pay less for your silver but still want a coin that can be used as legal tender.
  •   The Maple Leaf will probably serve you best if your objective is to have the most silver possible. Despite the slight content difference, you still get more for your money. This is particularly true given that the Canadian coin is less expensive than the American equivalent.

Bottom line

The American Silver Eagle and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are both great investments for people who want to diversify their portfolios with a high level of liquidity and low risk. You can use coins and rounds from different countries to make a varied “silver stack.” Both the Silver Maple Leaf and Silver Eagle are fantastic choices if you’d prefer to stick with just one, which can make “stacking” easier.