King Charles Effigy on new coins from the Royal Canadian Mint 

The Royal Canadian Mint recently announced some very exciting news! Here in Canada we can expect to see the effigy of King Charles circulated on all Canadian coins across the country. This is the first time in 70 Years that Canadians will be seeing a new monarch on their coins. 

The Royal Canadian Mint revealed images of the first few Canadian coins that will feature the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III. The portrait was illustrated by the very talented Canadian artists – Steven Rosati. This image was selected from a pool of 350 artists and engravers following a complex and lengthy process according to the mint. The winning design was then sent to Buckingham Palace for a final approval. The president and CEO of RCM Marie Lemay also struck the first loonie to bear the face of the King to make it official. One key difference between the effigy of the King and his late mother Queen Elizabeth II is that the looked to the right, whereas the King will be looking to the left.

It is expected that there will be a small number of 2023 coins that feature the King’s effigy. These coins will begin being circulated in the beginning of December. There will also be coin exchanges taking place later in the month at the Royal Canadian Mint’s stores in Ottawa and Winnipeg. 

What does this mean for Royal Canadian Mint Bullion coins? 

As we near the new year, we are highly anticipating the release of the Gold Maple and Silver Maple coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins have a long standing high reputation in the precious metals industry. Just like the Canadian currency coins, we are expecting the Bullion coins to have a new effigy on the back for the first time in its history. This will be a monumental moment in the world of precious metals and we are very excited to begin taking orders for the 2024 Silver and Gold Maple coins very soon!