What weight of a Gold Bar is the best to buy?

For centuries, investing in Gold has been seen as a tried and true strategy for preserving wealth and diversifying your portfolio. Among the various methods of investing in Gold, buying Gold bars is one of the most common and trusted ways investors diversify their portfolios. However, when it comes to buying Gold bars, there are many different sizes to choose from, which may make a novice investor wonder which weight of a Gold Bar is the best to buy?

Choosing the best Gold bar size for you

Gold bars come in various weight ranges. Typically sizes come from as small as 1 Gram to as large as 1 Kilo. However, there are bars that exist that are as small as 1/100 Oz and some as large as 400 Oz! When looking at the typical sizes we can break them down into three sizes categories – small, medium and large.


  • Small (1-10 Grams): These gold bars are geared more to your entry level investors who want to get into the world of precious metals investing but are on a limited budget. Smaller bars make investing in Gold more accessible and affordable. These are also great gift options as well as easier to liquidate due to their affordability! 
  • Medium (10-100 Grams): This size range is the more common range. When looking at the market price of Gold, it is based on the weight measurement of a troy ounce which is 31.1 Grams. The medium sized bars are great options for investors with moderate budgets who are looking to invest for the long term. 
  • Large (100 grams and above): This size is for the larger scale institutional investors or higher net worth investors. These investors typically buy Gold at these higher weights as it gives them a break on premiums when buying in such large amounts. It is important to note that storage of Gold at this scale comes as an added expense!

Your Investment Goals 

It is important to note that when investing in anything, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of your goals, budget, and the market for the asset class you are investing in. When it comes to Gold understanding the various sizes will help you to make a better decision on which direction you would like to go in and what size is the best for you!
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