Royal Mint Gold and Silver Products

The Royal Mint established itself over 1100 years ago and later became responsible for all circulation coins in the United Kingdom. Created in the 9th century, the Royal Mint is now one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions. Based in Llanstriant, South Wales, the Mint is also responsible for developing currencies for over 60 countries around the world. Alongside developing circulation coins, the Mint also produces a large number of other products. This includes planchets, commemorative coins, varying types of medals, and precious metal bullion. Contributing to over half of the Mint’s revenue, gold and silver bullion has become a large part of their operations. 

The Royal Mint began stamping bullion coins in 1957 and now produces a number of designs. Some of the most notable products which have come from the Mint include Britannias, Sovereigns, and the Queen’s Beasts collection. Sovereigns are not pure bullion products as they are only 22K (91.6%) pure. Britannia’s are offered in 1 oz Silver and 1 oz Gold options. They have now produced the ¼ Oz Silver Britannia, which is a very cool piece. The Queen’s Beasts collection includes 1 oz Platinum Coins, 1 oz Gold Coins, and 2 oz Silver Coins. In 1968, the Royal Mint ceased production of bullion bars but revived its production in 2015. Since then they have expanded to offer a large number of Silver bullion products ranging from 100g to 1kg. Their selection of Gold products ranges from 1g all the way to 1kg. 

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